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Majical music

RadioRay played Acoustic and electrick Guitars,bouzouki,Bass guitars,synths,percussion,sniffs,vocals,lyrics,flutes whistles,and majique


released September 21, 2015




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RadioRay is Dead UK

This is the official
A wide range of material
Radio has fronted many bands vocaly and musically
and remains purposely unexposed, unexploited and unreachable by telephone..
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Track Name: Moving

Some say she moves like the sea
some say she whispers in the trees
and though that sun is on the rise
ill always shed the tears she crys

and ya just cant get much closer than this
no matter how you try
no matter how you try

She's so forlorn and far away
her luna glow moonlights the way
and though she's moving through us all
we never fly until we fall

and ya just cant get much closer than this
no matter how you try
no matter how you try

some say she whispers in the trees
some say some things can never be
and though ive searched across the sky
i'll never fall until i fly
Track Name: Trash cash city
Trash Can Avenue

Trash cash avenue the fear of someone stabbing you
i gotta get away to the trees,gotta get away,i gotta find a way,
i wanna be alone with the bees
rubbish everywhere does anybody care ?
it's a nightmare in a disease
Trash cash city it's all so shitty
everybodies playing the game

Theres nothing better than you in trash cash avenue

Im telling you man does no one give a damn
theres trash coming up to my knees
everybodies safe in their houses ,everybodies in the TV
i can hear them complaining,saying that they wanna be free

Theres nothing better to do in trash cash avenue

mid 8

Blame it on the politician,blame it on the kids of today
blame it, name it, it,
it's insane and it's always gonna be this way
cant get satisfaction,cant get no control
everybodies sneaky ,everybodies in it for gold

Theres nothing better for you in trash cash avenue

Mmmm money,i me mine
Ffff funny loves a crime
a diamond ring will make her sing
a silver coin will light your way
i got so much more to say

Trash cash city it's all so shitty
every bodies in it for gain
everybodies sneaky
everybodies playing the game
Track Name: Believe the feel
( Believe the feel )

If i hold you and if i showed you
that Heaven is real
would you hold me dearly and feel

oh woah

We can make this
we can share
we can take this
somewhere and care

oh woah

It's Majic and it's real
come with me and feel
together we will leave
and breath n' believe

Radio 2015
Track Name: Majique
Everywhere and all around
i see majic, i see majic
There is majic in the music
Majique in the music
MMM Majique !