The Walking Trees (PoetRay and music)

by RadioRay is Dead



A delightful fusion of acoustic majic with lyrical poetica

Acoustic guitars x 3
Vocal and Lyrical poetry


released January 22, 2017




all rights reserved


RadioRay is Dead UK

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Track Name: Peoplesum

some people are not worth the shit they deal out
some people are not worth my time of day
some people are so fkn arrogant and clicky
some people are so full o themselves its creepy
some people are going to change
some people are going to be changed
some people are so far down the wrong road
some people are not worthy of my love
some people are egotistical nightmares
some people are beginning to change
some people are going to feel my wrath
some people do nothing but laugh
some people are hiding the help
some people are standing in the road
some people overload
some people are killing my mind
some people are making me blind
some people have nothing to find
some people are gonna get ground
some people are so fkn sound
some people are cruel and wrong
some people wont hear this song
some people are killing the earth
some people are eating this life
some people are trouble n strife
some people are trapped by their gold
some people just do as your told
some people dont know wot to do
some people are haters its true
some people wont like wot i say
some people just kneel n pray
some people aint got a clue
some people are covered in glue
some people reach for the stars
some people die in their bars
some people are changing the world
some people have all just been killed
some people are worried about fish
some people are making a wish
some people are stupid and cute
some people look wrong in a suit
some people are working to death
some people are taking a breath
some people are right around the bend
some people this might offend
some people are over the top
some people dont know how to hop
some people are ego thats all
some people do nothing but fall
some people are having a fit
some people are saying its shit
some people have beautiful lives
some people are happy and wise
some people are stuck to the telly
some people wear suits and are smelly
some people dont care about you
some people are going the zoo
some people have sex every night
some people talk nothing but shite
some people are a pure delight
some people write poems and sing
some people think they are king
some people abuse other people
some people laugh at the steeple
some people are greedy and crap
some people dont know when to clap ;)

RadioRay 2017
Track Name: Golden Wonder
Golden wonder

A dead crisp packet floats aimlessly along the
cracked tarmac toward a decaying city
the child weeps and screams so loud
for he knows this world is shitty
tis run by councils fed on scraps that poor folk leave behind
that and a barrel full of golden fat
with tax and bacon rind

the political thief has a weird belief
all he touches dies
and fades to black
like the cracked tarmac
and votes applaud the lies

another fine yacht
and what have ya got
from the money ya stole from the poor ?
a world called Hell
in a cancer cell
that feeds on the ways of war

RadioRay 2017
Track Name: The long eared gnat
The long eared Gnat

Taking my time walking through the wooded lands of forgotten England,sweeping hills shadowing trees from the sun,i pondered a while upon a gnat who was flying in circles with his friends ,i counted 10 of his aquaintances .Further observation revealed to me that the 1st Gnat had longer ears than the others.

His flight was so erratic to my untrained eye yet the others seemed so gracefull in their swooping trails and figure of eight coordination and from a distance of 2 meters it seemed they where electrons spinning around an atom .I knew this was not true though as they were actually taunting the long eared Gnat and they where all female Gnats except for him of course.

Their wings glittered with silver dust from where i do not know, though they looked so beautifull as their wings caught the beams of dusking sun in reflective motion .The long eared Gnat after 30 minutes of study was obviously confused to their misdemeaners and landed exhausted on a leafy branch .

I went over to him to take a closer look and to my dismay he was an elephant and a pink one at that.

The branch snapped and i got crushed to death beneath the bulk of weight

RadioRay 2011
check out,
Track Name: High Time
High Time

A butterfly with broken wings
comes tumbling across the room
and breaks its fall in woven web
a spider turns its eyeful head
another meal for a day

the sky is blue outside
a woman sings a baby cried
and so it rains without a cloud
and i am wondering outloud

not a bird be heard
nor anything of human word
there is a time to sit n play
ive not got anything to say

RadioRay 2017
Track Name: Pop goes the poetry
Pop go's the poetry

We speak
we speak from the core
the heart of the matter
and then so much more
and though teeth can chatter
the words seem so strange
when we look back what we said
on the page

Poetry fails us time after time
our emotions are crazy
our ideals dont sublime
in regretion the eyebrow
so high on the right
forgive me, forgive us
forget what we write

The wizadry weaves
a web full of word
a vision of wonder
where nothing is compared
yes the heart has it's thunder
or havn't you heard ?
lightning strikes quickly,
the clap is delayed
a cloud full of sky storms
like a shook lemonade,
yes the word poems fail us
invention is frail
the sea is so vast
as we leave dock and sail
and poetry ponders and parts at the shore
for its actions that count when we open the door
we sail for the sunset demise is for certain
and paradise only an ending,a curtain.

RadioPoetRay 2014
Track Name: You and mee bc
You and mee BC

abcdefghijklmnopqrstyou and me
Track Name: E flat
E flat

For thousands of years we knew where its at
the shape of our ship
our world was so flat
we sailed the four corners
for fish we would dredge
and never once sailed over the edge
for the ice was not melting
we navigated the cap
and still to this day we use the same map
and still to this day we use the same map
and still to this day we use the same map
and still to this day we use the same map
Track Name: Theres a better world than this one
Theres a better world than this one

Theres a better world than this one said the joker to the leaf and its not an illusion my belief belongs in music find the key?
but where does music come from is it all inside my mind,songs are so invisible the leaf said dont be blind, just look at me im high up in the branches of the oldest living tree this planet has born,i understand the question mark that lies upon the starlit Astral lawn.

I hear the birds communicating messages with the dawn. I feel the sun,a thousand million miles away my magic has begun to lift your eyes inside of you theres fire and youve got to let it rise so you can fly,discover your sacred gifts or stay in Hell and then you die but Death is great.
Then the Autumn came and the leaf he said goodbye,fell towards the golden light,the Tree began to cry "come back my children memories and dreams are all i have,come back my golden ones,i yearn for days of laughter green and when the birds would laugh!
"We felt the sun,a thousand million miles away now winter has begun to spin her thread like a mirror to the way i feel and all the grieving in my head my heart my children's memories and dreams are all i have.

The winter passed eventually in fact it was quite mild,the shreds of frost where melting,spring was young and wild and out of control,the birds began communicating soul to soul to soul. The wind began to whisper her messages on the breeze,a thousand million miles away the sun shone on the trees for quite a while,a bud popped out of her branches and the tree began to smile " My little children all of you are beautiful so green im glad your back, i waited for so long for your return my bark did crack,so you must grow yes grow a thousand times your self and do it very slow
and there's a better world than this one says the joker in relief and my belief belongs in nature with the tree

RadioRay 2006