The Great Degeneration of Revelation

by RadioRay is Dead



released June 6, 2017



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Track Name: The Great Degeneration of Revelation
The great Degeneration of Revelation

This beating heart, this
pounding love, this
delightful art
that fits like glove, a
pulse of life
from egg to grave, hour
on hour
wave on wave, all is one
from seed to tree
the universe you n me
and what of this reality ?
no more the war of
soured mind
the dark and cruel of
their unkind
we learn and rise to light
become the sun sublime
unite ............
They chuckled to themselves for a small minute
and then walked across the road to batter an old
woman who had leprasy
,meanwhile a government official was
busy beating up a poor kid
in a wheel chair with a brick he found on the
side of the road
......whilst two Ploicemen sprayed paint on a wall
which slogan spewed out as all whites out
now.....The firemen had given up hope as the
insurance companies had left the planet and
gone to Hell...A politician was feeding a rat with
liquid parafin and two social workers were
spitting on a monkey in
the zoo or what was left
of the zoo ....The
charities had become so
fat that they could not
walk to the bank and the
bankers had all become
priests ...the priests had
become Gods and the
soldiers written into the
bible ......The factories
married the insurance
companies daughters
and had built up walls
around their gardens to
stop the vermon from
feeding on the endless
bannana supply they
had in their tropical
gardens.....The birds still
shat on everyone and i
still think this is not far fetched
we are the vermon
of the world ,the
obstruction to political
prowess. The damn right
disgusting publical
pubic ,at the bottom of
monetary towers. We are
fallen ,We are the fallen ,
We are the fallen Angels
from pyramids , we are
the pigs in the mud .
save us ,bring
back the work camps
teach us all how to
behave .when you go
past, our children will
smile ,flag in hand, we
will force them to wave !!!
what kind of society are we living in when a little
old lady cant even walk down the street without
a group of neglected teenagers throwing
stones at her, she walks to the shops to buy her
groceries and is charged a ridiculous amount of
money over charged and abused by the power
happy shop managers
who knowingly sell her a pound of rotten
vegetables that have bin
genetically modified and raised on the latest
chemically enriched soil and grown by people
from another land who don't have a union and
who are under paid for the work that they do.
She shuffles over to the
post office to collect her well earned pension
which is rationed on a
weekly basis and
controlled by power
happy establishments
who have decided the
amount she should be
paid, who knowingly
calculated that even if
she now lives for ten
years more ,that the
mathematics mean they
are on a winner. She
now hands more than
half of her well earned
pension back to pay for
her heating bills and her
other bills and gets the
rest of her shopping
placed into a plastic
carrier bag and struggles
off back home where on
the way, the feeble bag
snaps and her goods
drop out on the
pavement ,as she bends
to pick her goods up a
hyper active child who
has bin eating too much
sugar and chemical
substances kicks her in
the back of her leg and
she falls into a pile of
dog crap breaking her
hip and smashing her
face on the child's
mothers pram wheel, the
mother cant afford a
mobile phone to call for
an ambulance and gets
distracted by her kid
who has ran off into the
road and caused a
speeding car to swerve
into a pack of alcoholics
at the bus stop. The old
woman lies bleeding on
the pavement amongst
the wheely bin rubbish
that lies all over the
street and after a few
hours she dies due to
the cold night air smog
getting into her lungs
shall i write sexy little
pop songs so ya can
dance ,how can we
dance while our beds are
bleeding? ahh the poor
lickle tigers are all gone
now and the foxes are
extinct the governments
dismantling the country
and our love is in the
sink, so put on your red
shoes and dance yeah
the soldiers are put in
danger and the writings
on the wall vietnam
afghanistan ...we cud do
the mash potatoe ?...the
africans are starving still
so give a billionaire the
bill and lets twist again
like we did last summer
ooh lets drink again like
we did last year...lets
hope its a good one
without any fear.........
Government needs to be
exterminated very
quickly, they have plans
to murder the people of
Britain who's kin folk
have died in wars for
them . They have plans
to evict council tenants
from their homes if they
have one too many
rooms no matter how
much money you have
spent on ya house or ya
garden, they want to
privatize even the air we
breathe ,turn the health
system into a pub for the
rich and put ya dad on
the dole and even get rid
of the dole.........Exterminate,
exterminate, exterminate !
They are planning to
dismantle our society bit
by bit ...........if you vote
for them you should go
and shoot yourself twice
with a sawn off shotgun
they will take your
money from you and
plow it into big business
so that they can all feed
from it and want to cut
your kids too.........what
kind of world is this
where you have to pay at
least 9,000 pound to go
to a crap university
without a guarantee of a
job at the end of it. They
are cruel to your
grandparents too not to
mention the pathway to
death scheme that they
plug into you in a care
home feeding drugs into
your dinner that over the
course of about 3
months or less
eventually kills you ,the
plug in pathway machine
injects your nan with a
good dose of death
drugs every 3 hours or
so untill she is dead
costing her 600 quid a
week (next) please!
It's so humane,it's so humane.
Im standing outside the
dole waiting for
someone to die
sanctioned again oh how
did it happen?i missed my
appointment can ya hear
them all clapping ?
28 days reduction on the
money for me
where does it go to ?
i cannot see
someone gets wealthy
from the money im sure
i missed my appointment
ill starve now for sure
so off to the food bank
for the very third time
to get me a hamper ana
bottle of wine
im searching for
business i need to get money
my friends are all dead
it's sad and not funny
the suicides noted, the
workers don't care
there must be a job
somewhere out there ?
The world does not
listen to its people
The world leaders do not
listen to the people
All over the world they
do not listen to the people
Demonstrations against
Austerity in every city in
the whole world
Leaders.....your people
are angry with you and
think of you as cowards
and greedy monsters
Leaders that ignore its
people are not worthy of
the crowns they bare
Leaders that ignore its
people shall loose their
foundation in their own
social suicide ride
Do you think your sick or
England is not yours to
beat to death
do ya think that you can
hammer the poor disabled
is this a political macbeth
Your family are very very
proud of you the way you give the
orders out to kill all the little children here
in England
are thinking you are very very ill
the way you make us suffer
The Devils love the way
you twist the knife
down here in the streets
of shitty England
were watching you ,your
family your wife
of course were goina
wave that bloody flag at
sing a song of sixpence
in the rain
your our lords of evil and
I tell ya what ill say it
once again
Do you think your
sickness is a virtue
England is not yours to
beat to death
do ya think that you can
hammer the poor
is this a political
The lords of this land are
they do nothing but feast
on their pigs
drinking red blood wine
and murder
sharing their wealth with
the wigs
judges and coppers and
servants of bankers you
and your nothing but
you are nothing but
you are nothing but muck !