Frequency Utopia (YOU) A story by

by RadioRay is Dead



Is it a Story about a creature called Radio who transmits what it has learned from it's adventures in Pleadop back to Earth and into a Human Child Known as the Dream Child who slowly awakens from a dream only to realize that Nature is dying and that He can stop this happening by Tuning into utopia(pleadop).....Via Radio....
or is it a story about an Earth child who has a road accident which slams him into the back of huge Juggernaut and in those last few moments before disintergration he is quantom parralleld through a strange dimentional shift to a place known as Pleadop or Youtopia ?
Or is it a fantasy mushroom trip that the Author of this story is still going through ?
maybe it's about ((((YOU )))) Read on ...........


released January 2, 1992




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Radio has fronted many bands vocaly and musically
and remains purposely unexposed, unexploited and unreachable by telephone..
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Track Name: YOU ( The Youth Of Utopia )
Youtopia RadioRay Is Dead

checkout RadioRay12 on You Tube for some curious video footage from the Artist Himself
Track Name: It's too late now ...(You've swallowed the pills )
hmmmm wheres that wabbit ?
Track Name: How's that
wooden trees,
flowers n things,meadow larks,butterflys,catfinches,
clear blue skys,nature sings,a church bell rings spoiling the harmony of the day in pure sunlight, with religious overtones,
A vicar reading a sermon,the posh people playing croquet,spit upon vermon like foxes and people on estates living in cardboarded boxes
and over the meadow a grass lawn freshly manicured to the spledour of observers in sunday best,no string vest to be seen
its all very clean except for the red smear of spin marks down the side of the bowlers groin,toss a coin ,they begin....

The cracking sound of a leather cannon ball as it smacks the holy willow in the batsmans hands
the sacred wicket and the ticket to observe as they swerve to catch and save themselves from the grave, yet no one understands !

The ball bounces back for a six across the track and fielders chasing their bait, sometimes wait, with their hands in the air ! smell a rat, hear them swear and "How's that ?