Atom and Eve

by RadioRay is Dead




RadioRay played......
2 Acoustic Guitars
Keyboards...pads,accordians,flutes,and many other polys
Wind instruments
drum programming
Artwork RadioRay

its just some songs about Atom n Eve

Its not a song about religion

A butterfly a Hawk of prey or a psychedelic pigeon

the metaphores are running wild

were a hornets nest for sure

avengers of a political prank

in the economy of war

buy more buy more buy more energy

rob em blind n see

the multi tax attacks of a matrix industry


released July 27, 2017




all rights reserved


RadioRay is Dead UK

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A wide range of material
Radio has fronted many bands vocaly and musically
and remains purposely unexposed, unexploited and unreachable by telephone..
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Track Name: Atom and Eve
Atom and Eve

(Dm) (C)
A man came through a hole
(Am) (Dm)
at the center of the Earth
right at the north pole
like nature giving birth
from a garden in the sheol
warm and underground
they travelled into this world
to see what could be found
Atom and his woman
Eve it was her name
and at the north of Eden
they lived to make their claim.........
the winds where warm and welcome
the forests full of trees
food and such sweet water
and perfect mysteries
After many years of joy and blissfull time
Atom and his woman in union entwined
and fruitful was their offspring
to populate the land
and spread the word of sheol
across the shifting sand
a lifetime came upon them
and Atom came to die
and Eve was left for forever
and so began to cry
so she carried his sweet body
back into the hole
to the fountain of forever
to regenerate his soul
but up on his awkening
the sheol Gods said crime
and banished them together
within the curse of time
and through the hole they went again
but this time being chased
and farther they would travel
and further with a haste
The Gods said unto Atom
and with a bated breath
that yee must stay on Earth now
and all endure death
and then they froze the plateux
and cracked the Earth with sea
Atom and Eve were mortalized
for all eternity
Track Name: Eve
Eve is in the garden of our future and this is a dream
waiting for the chemical reaction ,Atom screams
bleeding in his spirit she pulls out the wounding knife
says farewell my faithful follower from Sheol,now to life !

To populate and multiply the apple of her eye
disintegrate the path of fate and even die
she accumulates a magnetism force that Atom wants so much
the force of love electrified released by touch

Time becomes irrelevant the future and the past become the now
a parallelographic quantom engineered into man somehow
carried through the ages from these sages from Sheol

(Am) Em)
Track Name: The Fountain of Youth
The Fountain of Youth

Deep down inside the Earth through a portal at the pole
deep down below us beyond the gold and coal
beyond the crystal city where the diamonds power the light
there is a world of love and beautiful delight

some call it Eden and others call it Hell
Agatta or Heaven or the underworld Sheol
the people there are giants and the mushrooms seem to glow
the waters sweet like sugar there are streams of molten flow
that heat the atmospheres with a luminescent beam
everythings subliminal a perpetuated dream

you may think this is fantasy and wonder of the proof
though its written in our history of a sweet fountain of youth
that regenerates biology perpetuates the soul
deep down inside the Earth through a portal at the pole
Track Name: The Atom Dance
The Atom Dance

In the dark of mystery beyond the wall of death
outside the circuitry of every human breath
its only physistry and not much else is left
just spiritual energy an its where we all come from
you can go a little bit deeper a bit further on

lets get mollecular in the atom dance
i see a fractal universe, i think ill take a glance
theres a lot of cloning here a dopleganga dream
but its all the same here if ya know wot i mean
and it leads to nowhere so im goin back
become myself again gettin back on track

so back outside of the fractal where i took a glance
an i got mollecular in the atom dance
hey look at that energy a bit further on
you can get a bit deeper now
its where we all come from

one mass of spirit luminosity
and all those planets infinnity
and all those creatures without a soul
while the energy searches for a little black hole
right through the portal and into space
all over the galaxy to find your face

and stay a little while for a life or two
become yourself again its all that you can do
Track Name: The Key
The Key

Atom n Eve settled down in the garden
and began on the journey of time
they harnessed the power of the sun in the sky
and turned fruit into juices and wine

after 3000 years the cities emerged
and man made machines and waged war
on his kin and the colour of their skin
and the future was closing the door

The division was ordered as entropy danced
only the wealthy would fly
and have time to relax in the garden
but even the wealthy would die

Atom and Eve now no more than a fable
in a synical book of the past
and the book was abused to punish the accused
who stole wealth from the men who were classed

The offspring of Atom and Eve are the children
of Eden but now we say Earth
born here by decendant and always dependant
what inheritance posessions are worth

most call it Hell but whatever the spell
this world could be beautiful too
we have to find the doorway to sheol
and we have to be pure to walk through

so dont sink to your knees with your mortal disease
dont bow your head and dont pray
A king and a queen are no more than obscene
and leaders will lead you astray

Track Name: The last Dance
The last dance


Bring me your water ill turn it to wine
Bring me your wheat and ill turn it to bread
Ill feed everybody,make love in your bed
wake you and shake you to keep you alive
the higher you fly the deeper ill dive
i will give you the colours and teach you to paint
with meaning and purpose effect you so much
ill heal your illness with one single touch
cruelty and torture will die when i come
i wont hurt your eyes though im bright as the sun
put down your weapons,melt every gun
the government demons will flee from the land
and all men will be equal and women will stand at the wheeeeeels
this is how it feeeeeels to be ,going to heaven for freeeeee
so come along with me
come along ,sing me the song of your life
sing me the song of your life
sing me the song of your life

I will tare down your churches and peadophile popes
ill turn off the power and and cut all the ropes
ill burn down your cities and take all the gold
return it to Earth to the soil and the mould
I will give back to Eden all thats been sold
Shatter the mosques and opression will die
i will come from the heart i will come from the sky
with others who stand so equal to me
wipe out the business world Satan will flee
his beast from the pit will be fed and set free
We will clean up the water and feed starving men
we will rid you of hunger and show you again
how to dance dance this is the last chance
the last dance
how to dance dance this is the last chance
the last dance
how to dance dance this is the last chance
the last dance
how to dance dance this is the last chance
the last dance